The animated series: A "vegetacular" adventure!

The outrageous adventures of Onion and Pea, a duo of vegetables with big dreams of becoming superheroes… without having the slightest ability for the role. Alongside Leo, their unexpected preteen mentor and his gang, Onion and Pea will embark on the seemingly impossible mission to protect Villa Rincon from the attack of an emerging horde of chaotic vegetable supervillains.

Onion & Pea is a 2D animated series project aimed at a target audience of 6 to 9-year-olds. It combines wild comedy and adventures, parodies the superhero genre, and includes subtle references to pop culture, making Onion & Pea a series that parents will also enjoy. Based on a Spanish IP originating from comics with clear international potential. It promotes friendship, equality, teamwork, and good values.

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Villa Rincon is a common, everyday kind of town where the most significant event in recent years has been the opening of a new fire hydrant, in addition to the Annual Siesta Festival. Yes, quite an ordinary town… until now… , because everything changes on the first day of summer when Leo witnesses firsthand how, at that very spot, an onion and a pea come to life with a mysterious glow from the earth and its remnants from outer space. Without meaning to, he becomes the mentor of these potential vegetable superheroes, when the most diverse and wacky class of vegetable supervillains started to emerge from that field, determined to take over the town.

Living with a couple of vegetables that have no concept of our world (including gadgets, technology, emotions, and even basic manners) is not an easy task, especially for a shy 10-year-old kid who can’t even keep his room tidy or remember to use dental floss. Leo and his gang of friends will become the strategic support group for Onion and Pea in their battle to keep the constant appearance of vegetable beings, led by the mysterious and malevolent Colonel Bröck O’ Lee, at bay. This will be quite an eventful summer for Leo! Something strange is coming to Villa Rincon… and it might be in your salad.


«Onion & Pea» could fall into the superhero genre… if something like that existed. The series takes the keys and commonplaces of popular superhero film productions and turns them around, making a parody of them within the universe of Villa Rincon. Humor and comedy arise from the characters – both human and vegetable – to test their different perspectives when facing the occasional madness (AKA villainous vegetables with unique plans of conquest). The link with reality in this fictional universe filled with absurdity and parody is represented by the internal conflicts of the characters: Leo and his friends are going through that weird and ever-changing stage of development where you are not quite a child anymore, but not yet a teenager, while Onion and Pea are going through the stage of… well, being vegetables that have just become aware of their existence in a completely new world for them.

The premise behind «Onion & Pea» is about not needing to be the strongest, the biggest, the smartest, or the fastest to be a superhero. True heroism lies in the decisions we make: anyone can become a hero, even an onion, a pea, or a group of preteen children ready to have the best summer of their lives… and in the process, save the town where they live!

Superheroes are defined by the character and power of their nemeses, and ‘Onion & Pea’ is no exception… even if we are talking about vegetables. Most of these are initially villains, but some will redeem themselves and help the protagonists further down the line. Below, discover some of the villains who will try to cause trouble in Villa Rincon.


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